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 International Yacht Training Academy

International Yacht Training Academy is established by professional sailors for the sailors.

We provide sailing and boating courses for those who are looking to step into the world of yachting.

We have dedicated ourselves to provide the highest standard of training at all levels, from recreational to professional licensing and training.

Recrational Courses.                                       
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International Competent Crew
Duration Saturday to Saturday Price: 650 Euro

Entry level sailing course.

If you have no experience or never sailed before, this course is for you.
You will;
Discover yourself, learn how to use electricity, water, head, VHF, learn sailing terminology, parts of the boat, hoisting the main, opening genoa, tacking, gybing, reefing, M.O.B. mooring, anchoring, and operating the boat.
*After this course you can  assist a Captain.

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International Flotilla Skipper
Duration Saturday to Saturday Price: 650 Euro

Second level sailing course.

After acquiring the International Competent  Crew license, you can become a Flotilla Skipper.
During this one week course, you will repeat Competent Crew practice part than you will learn;
Coastal Navigation
Mooring and Anchoring

Sailing at night time
*After this course you can charter a flotilla boat, meaning that you will be eligible to follow a leader boat in a flotilla.

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International Bareboat Captain
Duration Saturday to Saturday Price: 650 euro

Third level sailing course.

After acquiring the International Flotilla Skipper license, you may become a Bareboat Captain.
During this one wee course you will learn;
Electronic Navigation
Tides and Currents
Collusion Regulation at Sea (Col-Reg)
Upper level VHF
*After this course you can charter a boat in any part of the world.

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VHF Radio Operator Certificate of Competency
Duration Saturday to Saturday  Price: 250 Euro

During this one day pratical and theorical course you will learn;

  • To be able to communicate distress immediately

  • Continuous contact with search and rescue nationwide

  • To be able hear other boaties in distress

  • To be able get regular weather updates 

  • Understand how knowıng proper VHF operations play a crucial role during distress or any emergency situation that require external help 

Ekran Resmi 2022-07-19 19.08.59.png
International Master of Yacht Coastal Price:650 euro 

After acquiring the International Bareboat Captain license, you can become a Coastal Captain. During this one week course you will have a chance to practice and learn;

Upper level Electronic Navigation
Tide and Currents
Col - Reg.
Mooring and Anchoring
Fixing anchor issues
Fixing technical issues
Safely how to climb a mast
How to clear a rope from a shaft
What to do when backstay, forstay, shroud or mast breaks.
* After this course you will be able to opearate a boat 50 NM off shore.
Ekran Resmi 2022-07-19 19.09.13.png
International Master of Yacht Offshore 650 euro
You can take this course only if you are a holder of Master Of Yacht  Coastal License.
During this one week course you will have a chance to learn and practice;
Tide and Currents
Col - Reg.
Advance Navigation
Anchor under sail,
Leave anchor under sail​
How to steer a boat to a safe harbour with a broken rudder
M.O.B with figure eight and heaving too
Gennaker M.O.B
Single handed tacking, gybing, reefing, hoisting and stoving sails
*After this course you will be able to operate a boat 150 NM off shore.
Ekran Resmi 2022-07-19 19.09.30.png
International Master of Yacht Ocean 650 euro
This is an Astronomic Navigation course that requires 12 hours of classroom theorical training. Practical part takes place on a boat, with real time variables.
During this one week course you will have a chance to learn and practice;
What to do when electronic navigation tools break down
How to operate and use a Sextant
Finding your position by using stars and the sun
Learn Sun Run Sun
Winds of the Worlds
What to do in a Tropical storm
Learn Passage plan, how to be in the right place in the right time.
*This course is suggested for those who are planning to sail around the world.
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